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Peninsula CatWorks has several programs to support different needs in the care of homeless cats:

Feral Colony Management

It has been demonstrated time and again that a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program is the best way to control the homeless cat population. Cats are humanely trapped, neutered and then returned to the colony where one or more caregivers coordinate daily feeding and monitoring in case any of the cats requires medical attention. The TNR program stabilizes the colony and the cats live out their lives in peace.

Our volunteer trappers can teach you how to catch homeless cats using humane traps so you can get them spayed/neutered at one of the low cost clinics. We can even loan you a trap. In certain circumstances our volunteers will do the trapping for you if you provide the spay/neuter vouchers.

Rescued Cat Adoptions

It is sadly often the case that we discover an un-neutered cat (actually a pair of cats!) by the appearance of a litter of kittens. Rather than leave the kittens to an uncertain fate outdoors, our volunteers rescue them and care for them until they can be spayed/neutered. A kitten must weigh at least 2lbs before he/she can undergo the surgery. We are not permitted to adopt out un-sterilized kittens.

All of the cats we rescue are cared for in foster homes until we can find them a forever home because we do not operate a shelter. We are always in need of additional foster homes. Would you consider fostering a cat for us?