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Community Cat Listing Request

As a community service, Peninsula CatWorks offers to show animals needing a new home on its web site. Your use of this service must comply with several non-negotiable requirements, your acceptance of which must be acknowledged below. In the event that these requirements are not satisfied, the animal's listing will be removed from our web site and future requests for listings will be declined. Required fields are in bold.

Contact for Listing

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Phone #:
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E-mail address:
Cat Description

Shelter ID #:
Date of birth:
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We require at least one recent digital picture of the cat, but you may include up to 10 pictures. Note: The ideal picture is in color, in focus and must be in JPEG, GIF or PNG format. We will resize the picture as needed if it is too large.

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Personality: Please describe the animal's personality, it's most appealing qualitities and any noteworthy quirks a potential adopter should take into account.
History: Please describe the animal's story to date, how you came to be caring for it, and why it is now in need of a new home.
Ideal home: Please describe an ideal home for this animal, including whether or not children are acceptable and if, so their minimum age; whether or not other animals or the same or a different species are desirable or necessary; and the animal's need for attention, play time, etc.
Special needs: Please describe any special needs this animal has, current medical conditions, and anything else about which you would want to know if you were thinking of adopting this animal yourself. If the animal has been tested for specific diseases, include the results of those tests.
Requirements [ top ]

I/we confirm that this animal has been spayed/neutered.
I/we promise to respond to inquiries about this animal within 48 hours.
I/we promise to notify Peninsula CatWorks by email to webmaster@peninsulacatworks.org or by calling (650) 329-9570 within 24 hours of any change in status of this animal.