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There are many ways in which you can help homeless cats by providing financial support, fostering adoptable cats, volunteering your time or providing your professional expertise. Please contact us as soon as possible when you can help us in any way, however large or small.

We would like to acknowledge those who have already made a difference. Won't you join them?

Financial Support

We are operating with a budget that requires no more than 2% overhead, so 98¢ of every dollar goes directly to cat welfare. Every little bit helps.


Here are some of the costs of the services we provide and for which we need donations to pay:

$18 will provide one 25lb bag of Costco Feline Maintenance food that will feed 42 homeless cats for one day. We currently feed approximately 250 cats every day, so we need about 6 bags each and every day. That's $3,285 we must raise every month just for homeless cat food!
$67 will spay/neuter (average $55) and provide the first FVRCP vaccination ($12) for one cat.
$163 will cover the difference between our average medical, food and supply costs for one cat we foster and finally adopt out for a $35 fee. Last year we fostered and found homes for over 180 cats so we need to raise about $29,340 to cover our fostering costs.
You may, of course, specify that your donation be used a specific purpose. Every little bit helps!

Donate online via PayPal below or send your donation to the address at the bottom of this page.

Buy from a number of online merchants and they will pay Peninsula CatWorks a commission for sales made through referrals from our website.


Peninsula CatWorks does not operate a shelter. When we rescue a cat, we must place it in a foster home until we can find it a forever home. If you have a spare room and about an hour a day to help socialize it, you could foster an adoptable cat and help prepare it for a wonderful life in a new forever home.

If you'd like to join our rescue effort by fostering a kitten or cat, please fill out our simple application form to tell us about yourself and the home in which the foster cat will stay. An experienced fosterer will contact you to talk about fostering and will arrange to visit your home. We will ask you to read and sign a copy of our Foster Agreement & Guidelines to acknowledge that you have read them and understand what commitment you are making as a foster caretaker. If all goes well, we will be in touch soon after about a cat in need of a foster home!

Many of our fosterers provide their own food and supplies as a donation to Peninsula CatWorks. However, we will help to the extent that funds are available. We are responsible for the cat's medical expenses.


We have a number of opportunites for which you need no prior experience but your time will help tremendously:
  • Feed one or more feral cat colonies one or more days each week or every couple of weeks, depending on the schedule of other volunteers.
  • Deliver cat food to feral colony caregivers.
  • Monitor our hotline, obtain accurate answers, and respond to callers.
  • Help setup, staff, and tear-down adoption fairs.
  • Prepare mailings (flyers,newsletters, etc.)
  • Recruit other volunteers!
  • Help with data entry for accounting, mailings, etc.
Please contact us to get connected and begin volunteering!

Professional Expertise

There are some tasks that are best handled by volunteers with professional experience in the appropriate field:
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Legal advice, basic contract review, etc.
  • Graphic design for our web site and literature.
  • Writing for our electronic or printed publications.
  • Marketing & public relations.