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Coco w/KH (PCW #1705)
Domestic Long Hair
Black Black

Coco is affecionate, loves to be pet, independent, quiet, and calm.

We adopted Coco from our vet when she was only a couple months old. She has always been very sweet and calm since she was a kitten. Coco adjusted effortlessly to our dog when we brought her home. We got another dog about 7 months ago and this was around the time we saw a change in Coco. We believe she has become stressed out with the new puppy in the home and as we get ready to welcome our third child we are hoping to find Coco a quieter home where she can feel more relaxed.

Coco will be a great cat for someone living alone or for a family. She is great with kids, but just like most cats prefers not to be picked up and handled by younger kids. When this happens she will just run away. She has never scratched or acted out in any way with our two children or their friends. I think she will do best being the only animal in the house or possibly joining a family with a mellow dog. She has not been around other cats so I am unsure how she would do in that type of environment.

Coco is very low maintainence and has no special needs to be concerned with.

Coco w/KH (PCW #1705)