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Panda is available for adoption

Panda w/JV (PCW #1695)
American Shorthair
Black & White
1 year old

Panda was born feral and is one of 3 siblings that we rescued. He is the most playful of the 3 and would do best with another cat to play with. He and his sister Saki (see her listing too) are very close and they would probably love to be adopted together. Panda has already come a long way from a feral that hid all the time to a confident little house cat. We still have to sneak up on him when he's sleeping to pet him but he lets us pick him up and will purr for us and seems to really want attention. I'm easily able to lure him onto my lap with a cat toy and he will hang with me for quite a while and even take a nap on my lap. He loves to be petted and played with.

a feral cat had a litter of 4 kittens in our neighborhood. Our neighbor started feeding them but then his mom, who is allergic made him stop so they would go away. So there they were hungry and nobody feeding them anymore. I couldn't take it and started feeding them. Once they started letting us get a little closer to them we noticed how raggedy and flea bitten the poor things were and had to help them further. Then one of them was killed by a loose dog and we knew we had to do more than feed the remaining 3 so we treated them for fleas and let them into our garage and started calling rescues. Peninsula CatWorks came to our rescue and got them fixed, chipped and vaccinated. We were never able to keep them since we already have 3 cats but it was clear that nobody else was going to help them so we felt we had no choice.

I don't think Panda would be good around small children or dogs but he loves other cats and gets along well with his siblings and our adult cats though he is a little bit of a troublemaker. As with his sister Saki he will probably come to be more social in time with love and patience.

Please note:

  • Panda is not in the care of Peninsula CatWorks and we cannot vouch for his personality or health status. For more information, or to meet Panda, please fill out an application form and then his caregiver will contact you in 24-48 hours. (Please do not contact Peninsula CatWorks about this particular cat.)
Panda w/JV (PCW #1695)
Panda w/JV (PCW #1695)