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Katee w/KD (PCW #1712)

Katee is very sweet and loves to sit on your lap she loves attention. She is deaf but will follow you wherever you go. My mom would walk around the pool and Katee would follow her. She is litter trained as well.

My mom found Katee in her backyard about 5 years ago and took her in and she became my moms sole companion. My mom just passed away and Katee is in my mom's house all alone except for my visits. My husband is very allergic otherwise I would take her but she is deaf and I feel she should be an indoor cat.

Katee would be ideal with a slower paced house. She loves my children who are 8,11 and 13. We have never had her around our dogs so don't how she is with them but maybe an older one that isn't running around her.

She is up to date on her shots and in good health.

Katee is currently living in San Jose, CA 95120

Katee w/KD (PCW #1712)