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Mochi is available for adoption

Mochi w/CL (PCW #1708)
15 years old

Mochi is very sweet and loving. She'll come to you if you call her. She loves to be pet.

Mochi is mostly blind and is on blood pressure medication daily. My mother adopted her from the Peninsula Humane Society about 2 years ago. They were unsure of her age at the time, but from the point of view of the vet, we believe her to be around 15 years old. She mostly misses the litter box these days. Mochi still has a great appetite and gets around quite well despite her poor vision. My mother's health has declined recently to the point where my sister and I don't believe she can care for the cat anymore. Unfortunately my siblings and I all have members of our own families with cat allergies, so none of us are able to take Mochi to our homes.

Mochi is very friendly and gets along well with everyone. I don't think she likes dogs. She sleeps most of the day, but still loves to be pet.

She is on a daily medication to stabilize her blood pressure. She is mostly blind. She misses the litter box most of the time.

Please note:

  • Mochi is not in the care of Peninsula CatWorks and we cannot vouch for her personality or health status. For more information, or to meet Mochi, please fill out an application form and then her caregiver will contact you in 24-48 hours. (Please do not contact Peninsula CatWorks about this particular cat.)