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Whitey has been adopted!

Whitey w/AN (PCW #1701)
Siamese Mix
Flame Point

He is very loving, likes to be picked up and to sit in your lap. He loves to talk to you, especially when it is meal time. Then he will rub up against your legs. Loves to lounge and take long naps. Is well trained to use his litter box. His beautiful blue eyes are a joy.

Whitey's foster mom moved to San Jose 2 months ago and encountered this frail white cat in her yard, clearly homeless and in need of care. He would rub up against her legs in hopes that she would feed him. It was as if he knew she was there to help him. She started feeding him and giving him water every night but didnt have enough funds to take the poor cat to a vet, until she found Palo Alto Humane Society and their Pet Help program. Whitey was given a physical exam, neutered, treated for parasites, vaccinated against rabies, and is gaining weight and doing great.

Whitey is FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus) positive, which means he would have a harder time fighting off infections than other cats due to a suppressed immune system. He should live a normal life span, but needs to be an indoor only cat because he is white and therefore subject to getting skin cancer from the sun. He will make a wonderful companion to any family or individual wanting an affectionate lap kitty. Should be fine with gentle older children.

Whitey w/AN (PCW #1701)
Whitey w/AN (PCW #1701)