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Orange is available for adoption

Orange w/RF (PCW #1699)
Domestic Short Hair
1 year old

Two special big kittens need a forever home. I found them abandoned and brought them home to live with me and my two big cats. They were initially very shy and timid, but after being fostered for several months both of them are now socialized and are very playful. They bonded very well and get along very well with my other cats.

Orange was rescued as a little baby and is more timid and shy by nature, but wanting to cuddle, be petted, and sleep with me, mommy, at night time. He is a beautiful orange tabby. He is very playful, and loves to "hunt," not for a mouse as he is indoor cat, but for.......paper clips?? Yes, he loves paper clips! Since I rescued him when he was couple of months old, he was fascinated by paper clips and he still loves them. He steals them off my desk.  His friend  Smicky just looks at him in a funny way as he does not see anything unusual about paper clips.

Both cats have been neutered, microchipped, tested and vaccinated. Although I would love to keep them, my place is just too small for four kitties!  Since Orange and Smicky bonded very well, I would like them to get adopted together.

I would welcome your visiting my place in Mountain View (CA) for you to meet and play with them.

Local adoptions only.

Please note:

  • Orange should be adopted with his best friend
  • Indoor home preferred
  • Orange is not in the care of Peninsula CatWorks and we cannot vouch for his personality or health status. For more information, or to meet Orange, please fill out an application form and then his caregiver will contact you in 24-48 hours. (Please do not contact Peninsula CatWorks about this particular cat.)
Orange w/RF (PCW #1699)
Orange w/RF (PCW #1699)
Orange w/RF (PCW #1699)