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Smicky w/RF (PCW #1698)
Domestic Short Hair / Russian Blue
Gray gray

Two special big kittens need a forever home. I found them abandoned and brought them home to live with me and my two big cats. They were initially very shy and timid, but after being fostered for several months both of them are now socialized and are very playful. They bonded very well and get along very well with my other cats.

Smicky is a handsome gray shorthair  teenager kitten. I found him on his own, struggling to survive. I brought him home and he immediately adapted to home life and to his new friend Orange!
 He has a curious nature. He is almost like a puppy - he follows me around, watches me and LOVES to play with his toys.
When I have company, he comes out and wants to be part of the group. He is not timid at all!
Smicky thinks that everyone is his family, including my big kitties.

Both cats have been neutered, microchipped, tested and vaccinated. Although I would love to keep them, my place is just too small for four kitties! Smicky and Orange bonded very well and I would like them to get adopted together. Also, they get along very well with my other cats.

 I would welcome your visiting my place in Mountain View (CA) for you to meet and play with them.

Local adoptions only.

Smicky w/RF (PCW #1698)