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Buddy has been adopted!

Buddy w/JV (PCW #1697)
American Shorthair
Black & White

Buddy was born feral but is now the friendliest and most outgoing of the 3 that we rescued and is turning into a sweet house cat. He comes to me when I call him and loves to smooth his cute little nose into my hand. Buddy loves to be petted and purrs really loud. Someone better adopt him soon or I may not be able to let him go!

a feral cat had a litter of 4 kittens in our neighborhood. Our neighbor started feeding them but then his mom, who is allergic made him stop so they would go away. So there they were hungry and nobody feeding them anymore. I couldn't take it and started feeding them. Once they started letting us get a little closer to them we noticed how raggedy and flea bitten the poor things were and had to help them further. Then one of them was killed by a loose dog and we knew we had to do more than feed the remaining 3 so we treated them for fleas and let them into our garage and started calling rescues. Peninsula CatWorks came to our rescue and got them fixed, chipped and vaccinated. We were never able to keep them since we already have 3 cats but it was clear that nobody else was going to help them so we felt we had no choice.

I don't think dogs would be a good idea but I think that Buddy will be a great pet for just about anyone once he gets to know them. A little extra consideration for his former feralness is probably all he needs. He loves and wants attention and loves his play time.

Just a little extra patience. He will probably hide when company comes over.

Buddy w/JV (PCW #1697)
Buddy w/JV (PCW #1697)