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Tiger has been adopted!

Tiger w/MO (PCW #1693)
Gray and brown

An emaciated, pregnant cat showed up on our doorstep back in October and promptly delivered kittens. We had certainly not planned for this, but we enjoyed taking care of the cat family.
The mother cat and two of the kittens are out of our house by now, which means we have three more kittens available for adoption, separately or together. All of them are lovely, a lot of fun and litterbox-trained.
If you are interested, please email my wife at susanne.omander@gmail.com and set up a time to come over to see the kittens in person. We live in Mountain View.
Tiger is a girl kitten who is very talkative and smart. She figures things out quicker than her siblings. Tiger has a strong preference for a clean litterbox and an equally strong dislike of closed doors. Her purr is as loud as they come and she likes to demonstrate it when bedding down in someone’s lap. She is neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and chipped. She was born on Oct 8, 2016.

Littermates:  Mickey, Spot
Tiger w/MO (PCW #1693)
Tiger w/MO (PCW #1693)