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Scotty has been adopted!

Scotty w/RF (PCW #1551)
Domestic Short Hair / Tuxedo
black and white

Scotty, a 7 years old Tuxedo cat, is an intrepid alpha male: tame and tough!
He’s muscular, active, a "police cat", always cruising the perimeter for intruders. He has been seen take on an intruder cat twice his size.

Despite that tough rep., Scotty is loving, and craves attention. 
He enjoys a firm hand—if you’re not the boss, he might give you a nip!
If you are looking for a yard cat or a mouser, Scotty will be your cat.
Scotty has always lived outside and is probably too active to adapt well to permanent inside.

Right now, Scotty's world is about to disappear. The property where he lives has been sold and rezoned as industrial.
His dad, a renter, must move. Scotty and his cat friends will be left behind unless you come and give him a chance. Please call and ask about his friends too, Mitzy and Puma (pictures below)

Scotty has been neutered and will be rechecked and revaccinated prior to adoption.

Scotty w/RF (PCW #1551)
Scotty w/RF (PCW #1551)
Scotty w/RF (PCW #1551)