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Tina terrabella

Tina terrabella w/RF (PCW #1550)
Domestic Short Hair / Tortoiseshell
Black black/orange

Tina is a 4 yr old beautiful tortoiseshell with a soft “bunny fur” coat.

Although she was born to a feral mother,  for a while Tina was raised by hand, along with her exclusive sister Tesla who eventually threw her out of the house! Tina was very affectionate and loving towards the two men who fed her.  But they could not keep her any longer, their property is rezoned for industrial use.

Tina lived outside a big part of her life and so far she is not very happy being kept indoor.

We would like to find a property with a protected yard, within city limits or a farm without predators or dominant “alpha” male cats. Tina will chase your rodents away!

We believe this gentle cat will blossom again, given a chance. Can you please help? Thank you.

Tina terrabella w/RF (PCW #1550)