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Tina terrabella

Tina terrabella w/RF (PCW #1550)
Domestic Short Hair / Tortoiseshell
Black black/orange

Tina is a 6 years old beautiful tortoiseshell with a soft “bunny fur” coat and a gorgeous eyes.

So far TINA had been living in a property which is rezoned for industrial use and the tenants were kicked out of the place where they lived for many years.

 Tina is very affectionate and loving towards the two men who raised her.  But they could not take her with them when they moved to South Dakota.

Tina needs an indoor home where she will be the only cat. She had been bullied by other cats in the past, and since she has been indoor for the last two years, we think she should be kept inside from now on. Can you please help?

Tina terrabella w/RF (PCW #1550)