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Kami w/JD (PCW #1548)
Domestic Short Hair

Kami is a very, very friendly cat. Her personality is almost like a dog's. She will follow you around and "talk" to you until you stop what you are doing and pet her and give her snuggles. She loves to sit in your lap and cuddle for "pets". She also is a "watch cat" and watches over the house and makes sure there is no "funny business" going on. She is the boss of our dogs and over the entire house (or at least she thinks so). She is a exceedingly affectionate being whose love and loyalty know no end.

I adopted Kami and her sister, Chewy, when I fell in love with them at the pet hospital I was working at. They were just months old at the time, and we have bonded deeply since then. My husband and I have since had a son, who, despite our best efforts, scares their sweet souls, and does not allow the cats the calm environment they need. It has been a well thought out and labored over decision to find them a new home and it truly breaks my heart to think of them leaving, but I know it is in their best interest, as the are not getting the attention, peace, and snuggles that they deserve.

An ideal home for Kami would be with her sister, Chewy, in a calm and peaceful environment. The best situation would involve adults who would appreciate their loving personalities, and no young children (children 10 and older would be okay).