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Kitten w/RP (PCW #1542)
American Shorthair

Kitty is a bit reserved around new people but friendly, independent, very intelligent, quiet, likes to lean on you on the couch or in bed and cuddle sometimes. Has been a single indoor cat, but at times got along with other cats and dogs. He respects your space and likes his own, but is also very affectionate once you get to know one another.

I've had him for 8 years, unfortunately my wife is very allergic and got worse with becoming pregnant. Needs a new home asap, before the baby arrives during the year end. Kitten never had children around, but is friendly towards people and likely other animals, if properly introduced. He's always been indoors, but is curious about exploring outdoors as well, so you could introduce him to your yard if you have one.

He had a bit of asthma a couple of years back, triggered by litter dust. It went away when we started using a better litter and an air purifier. No other medical conditions, has had his shots (although really dislikes going to the vet).