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Jolee has been adopted!

Jolee w/LY (PCW #1524)

Jolee and her siblings are lucky little ones. At three weeks of age, they were dumped at the doorstep of Palo Alto Animal Services in an empty potting soil bag stuffed inside a crumpled paper bag and left to bake in the hot sun. Someone visiting the shelter told the staff there was trash out front. An animal control officer picked it up to deposit in the dumpster. Inside was Jolee and her brothers. They were so weak they couldn't even meow. The shelter provided immediate medical care and shorly thereafter, PCW took them in.  Now they are three beautiful thriving kittens looking for forever homes.

Jolee holds her own with two brothers but if they get out of hand she meows loud for help. She loves to play and be around people. She is also quite fond of mealtime.

Since she is a small kitten, the best situation would be with children 6 or older. Kittens do best in pairs if the humans are out of the home during the day. Jolee has not been around dogs but she could likely adjust to a cat friendly canine.