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Sera has been adopted!

Sera w/CV (PCW #1521)
Abyssinian / Domestic Short Hair

This female cat was surrendered to the Peninsula Humane Society on July 26.  She delivered a litter of kittens almost immediately, perhaps due to her stressful environment.  All of the kittens are thriving, and Sera is a good mother.  She is eating well and responding very positively to her new environment, which is quiet and private. 

Sera is a lovebug.  She has the most beautiful green eyes.  Sera loves to be brushed and to have her back scratched.  Being up high is a favorite, so a tall cat tree would definitely interest her.  Sera definitely likes to scratch on a cat tree post. She also likes to jump up onto people, so if you are bent down to clean a litter box, or you are putting a food bowl on the floor, she will jump right up onto your back.  She is a very sweet girl who loves attention.

Sera could be adopted with one of her kittens or as a single cat.

Sera w/CV (PCW #1521)