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Purdy has been adopted!

Purdy w/ERG (PCW #1102)
Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Purdy is a wonderful companion and super sentinel! In her foster home, she makes nightly rounds to put each family member to bed, and then settles in with one or more of them throughout the night. Depending on who's around during the day, she checks each room until she finds a friend. She also loves sitting at the window bird watching, chit-chattering away in the way that only cats do! Who knows what they're saying?

Purdy is a very affectionate, cheerful kitty who enjoys being an single cat, but loves the attention of all people. She is excellent with children (age 5+) and enjoys following her family around - if you'd like to have a small dog that only looks like a cat, Purdy is the perfect choice.

Purdy was adopted from us as a kitten, but unfortunately returned because the family was away from home for many hours and did not feel they could give her the time she deserved. Adopting an adult is especially satisfying, because their character and personality are well-defined from the start!

Purdy w/ERG (PCW #1102)
Purdy w/ERG (PCW #1102)